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Long Tail Pro is undoubtedly the best tool when it comes to best keyword research tools. Thanks to so many blogs out there who promotes the tool regularly and it does the job pretty well.

According to a survey, the Long tail pro keywords are easier to rank in SERP compared to the short keywords.

However, find perfect long tail keywords is a pain for most of us. Also without having the perfect keywords, it will become tough for you to drive traffic to your blog or get sales for your product.

In a single word you can say that If you do not have a profitable keyword, then there will be no revenue.

However, before you go ahead and purchase a Long Tail Pro plan, There are a few questions that need to be answered like

  • Why choose Long tail pro when there are already quite a lot of keyword research tool exists?
  • What are some of the top features of the application?
  • What are the pros and cons?

These are some of the most common questions that as a buyer we get. So just to help you out in finding these question’s answers we will be answering all of these questions one by one.

This article will walk you through every part of the Long tail pro. Like what are some of the features and pros and cons. What are the Long tail pro plans? And a few others.

Also, we will be sharing a Long Tail Pro Discount with you so you can purchase the best plan for yourself at a discounted price.

So let’s just start talking about the questions, without wasting much of the time.

However, before we go ahead and start talking about the features and discounts let us give you a short introduction of the Long Tail Pro so you can understand about the tool in an easy way.

Long Tail Pro Introduction

In the above lines of this article, we had mentioned that the Long Tail Pro is a best yet pretty amazing keyword research tool that exists on the Web.

But the thing that we forgot to mention is that the tool is not just a best one it is also a powerful tool that you will ever use.

The best thing about the tool is that it lets the user find 1000s and more of long tail profitable keywords in just a couple of seconds.

All you have to do is enter a single root or main keyword. Also, if you want to search multiple keywords at once, you can do that as well.

The fact is - Good keyword research tool is the key to success.

The more profitable keywords you have, the better revenue you generate, and this is where the Long tail pro works the best.

The Long Tail Pro will help to generate some of the profitable keywords for your blog, Amazon affiliate niche, or any other website with ease.

If you do have a great keyword, then it is easy for you to rank any website in SERP.

Hence, as a result, you will get to see a better sales growth, a better revenue report and a huge traffic growth to your website.

In the earlier days, finding keywords used to be the most mind screw thing in SEO.

SEO experts had to sit for hours to find a low competitive yet high profitable keyword but, as technology developed so much that now it has become a pretty easy task with the Long Tail Pro keyword research tool.

With the help of this tool, now anyone can find a profitable keyword in just a couple of seconds.

If you are wondering how long tail pro works? Then let us answer the question.

Well, in a simple sentence you can say that the LTP looks into the database of Google Keyword Planner and fetches the data and analyses it.

Hence, as a result, you get some profitable keywords.

Plus, the tool offers you a list of 800 different keywords. Simply choose one of those, and you are all set to rank in SERP.

History of the Long tail pro tool: It was developed and distributed by NichePursuits.com’s founder Spencer Haws.

Mr Spencer has more than 5 years of experience in the Internet market.

Also over the years, he has developed quite a lot of profitable websites using some long tail pro keywords.

However, before he developed the Long tail pro, Spencer has used many keyword research tool. However, nothing worked the best for him. Hence he decided to come up with long tail pro.

So that was a small introduction to the Long tail pro. Now before you go and grab a Long Tail Pro deal by using a discount coupon code, It is time to talk about the long tail pro discounts and offers;

Long Tail Pro Discount

Long Tail Pro Discount and Coupon Codes 2020

Well, right now there are two offers which are available as a Long Tail Pro Discount. However, both of the discounts are available only, if you choose a yearly plan.

For monthly plans, there are no such discounts. Let’s just check the annual discount on Long tail pro:

Long Tail Pro Discount For Annual Starter Plan:

According to the terms of Long tail pro.

  • You will only get 30% off discount if you decide to purchase the LongTailPro Annual Starter Plan.
  • It means the plan will cost you $25 each month when you bill for a year instead of $37 per month.
  • Also, it will give you a FREE Access to the new Rank Tracker tool and Long Tail University.

Long Tail Pro Discount Annual Pro Plan:

In the end, we have the Long Tail Pro Annual Pro Plan.

  • On this plan as well you will get 30% discount.
  • It means instead of paying $67 each month you have to pay $45 which is pretty reasonable.
  • In addition to that, Keyword Competitiveness Score, as well as Competitor Analysis tools, are also included in the plan.

So those were the discount that long tail pro is offering.

Now before you go ahead and purchase the plan, you might have this question in your head that how to use long tail pro?

Here is a complete solution for your query:

Long Tail Pro Discount

How To Use Long Tail Pro?

How To Use Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro Discount


At the first, visit longtailpro.com or click on the special discount button which is given below and after that choose the plan that you want to purchase.


Once you are done paying for this tool, you do need to download and install the long tail pro on your computer. The keyword research tool can be installed on your Windows PC and Mac >> Now launch the application.


Here you will get to see “Find keyword” on the left top side of the screen >> Now, you will get to see a new menu.


Here you have to add a root keyword or seed keyword. It means you have to enter a keyword topic related to your blog or your niche. You can also add multiple keywords.


Now, you have to select the "Customize Data & Pre-Filter". Simply select your preferred filter types.


In the end, click on the "Generate Keywords and Fetch Data" button.

Now, this keyword research tool will display all the keywords with CPC and competition level volume. Now go ahead and simply select the keywords which you want to use and export them.

So those were the steps that you need to follow to use a Long tail pro.

Long Tail Pro Coupon

Now before you go ahead let's just talk about the plans that the keyword research tool is offering.

Well, Long Tail Pro has two different plans.

  • Long Tail Pro Monthly Starter Plan, and
  • Long Tail Pro Monthly Pro Plan.

Long Tail Pro Cost

Long Tail Pro Discount

Long Tail Pro Price Of Monthly Starter Plan:

  • The monthly starter plan will cost you $37 per month.
  • Talking about the offering of this tool, well it offers 10K keywords search each month.
  • In addition to that, the tool will help you to do a Keyword Competitor Analysis & Competitiveness Score. So you can easily determine the Keyword’s Profitability.
  • Also, you will get access to the Long Tail University and Rank Tracker.
  • In the end, it has the app in chat support. So you can easily contact the support team via chat.


In the end, let’s just talk about the LTP Monthly Pro Plan.

Well, this plan of long tail pro also sports same features as the starter plan, but it comes with a few changes. To make you understand in a better way here are the things that the tool offers:

  • It allows you to check the Keyword Competitor Analysis & Competitiveness Score.
  • Also, you will easily be able to determine the Keyword Profitability.
  • In addition to that, you will get access to the University and Rank Tracker.
  • This plan is priced at $67 per month.
  • Plus, it comes with 25,000 keywords per month.
These are the two plans that the LongTailPro is offering. We are hoping that you have a clear idea about the pricing of Long tail pro. It is time to talk about the features of the Longtail pro. So let’s just head into the next section:

Long Tail Pro Coupon

Long Tail Pro Features

Long Tail Pro Discount

Long Tail Pro Coupon

Long Tail Pro has a bunch of amazing features.

However, just to make the article little short, we will only be talking about the best features of the tool. This way you will understand why we are calling the tool as a best one.

  • Long tail pro is capable of finding 1000s of profitable keywords suggestions for your blog. All you have to do is seed a root keyword, and you are good to go.
  • To make it easy for you the long tail pro allows you to export your select keywords to an MS Excel sheet. So you can access to the keywords later or share it with anyone. 
  • You can also export a list of keywords to the LTP dashboard.
  • High CPC keywords are the ones that help in increasing the AdSense Revenue. That is why Long tail pro only suggests the long tail keywords which have a high CPC.
  • Long Tail Pro is capable of displaying competition of a specific keyword. It makes it easy for the user to decide if the keyword is worth working on or not.
  • One can also use the LTP to find a domain name related to a specific keyword. This feature is the best feature for the ones who create micro niche websites.
  • To increase your productivity level, it offers you to create one or multiple projects. For example, creating a campaign for every website. This way you will able to stay organised. Furthermore, the tool helps you to check out rankings for a specific keyword in a search engine or multiple search engines.
  • You can also mark your favourite keywords. So you can check out those keywords and check the competition time to time in an easy way.

So that was all about the top features of the long tail pro.

Now we are sure that you have enough idea about the long tail pro but as you are already aware of the fact that, every tool comes with some pros and cons and Long Tail Pro also has a few of them.

So let us mention some of the pros and cons of the keyword research tool.

Long Tail Pro Coupon

Long Tail Pro Pros

  • The best thing about the tool is that it is simple to understand. The tool has a clean interface.It makes it easy for the users to understand the tool. Also installing the tool on a computer does not need much knowledge. Instead, just go ahead and download the setup of the application and install it by following all the screen instructions. After that, you need to start a keyword research project and seed a root keyword. That is, it, you are all set to use the app.
  • The LongTailPro application is not a website. Hence many people would think that the LTP would not provide authentic info. However, it is not true. Instead Long Tail Pro pushes regular update, so the tool always stays updated.
  • check-circle
    Also if you are a bit confused about how the service will be? Then you should not worry. As the Longtail pro comes with a 7 days’ free trial for what you have to pay $1 so, you can purchase the 7 days’ plan by spending a dollar and clear your confusions.
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    Another good thing about the tool is that it is made for the professionals. Like if you are really serious about SEO or running an SEO company. Then this is the tool you should have.
  • check-circle
    In the end, the other best thing about the keyword research tool is amazing support. As a newbie, you may face difficulties with the tool and may face some serious issues. And that time support executives are going to be the only one, who will help you out. However, with the Longtail pro, you should not worry. As they have a good team of support executives, who will sort out your issue as soon as possible.

Long Tail Pro Cons

  • Well, the first con of the Long Tail Pro is the pricing. It is quite expensive when compared to other tools in the market. To get a long tail pro plan for a month, you need to pay $37 as this is a little bit expensive. However, we will be sharing a Long Tail Pro Discount which will help you to lower down the price.
  • The next con about the Long Tail Pro is that there is no backlink analysis tool. Hence you will not be able to do a backlink analysis of your website as well as your competitor website. As a result, we need to pay additionally for a backlink analysis tool. However, it would have been okay, if the price was not this high. Also, if you look on the internet there are some of the keyword research tools are offering backlink analysis along with keyword research service. However, as long as your goal is to perform keyword research, the tool is a perfect option for you.
  • The biggest con of the Long Tail Pro keyword research tool is that you have to download and install it on a computer. Also every time the company decides to push a new update. You need to run the updater. It is quite time-consuming. But when you compare the tool with other keyword researching tools, you will notice that all of the tools are available online. Just visit the website, and you are all set to perform keyword research.

So these were some of the pros and cons of the Long Tail Pro.

Now before you leave the page, let’s just talk about some of the frequently asked questions. So every detail about the tool will get cleared to you.

Long Tail Pro Discount

Long Tail Pro Frequently Asked Q&A:

1. Can We Install Long Tail Pro on the Mac computers?

Yes, you can install Long tail pro on your MacBook and iMac without any troubles.

2. Do I need to learn How to use the Long Tail Pro tool?

Yes, you need to learn.

However, it is not so complicated we also have mentioned a short tutorial above so you can get started with the tool right away, in addition to that, there are quite a lot of online tutorials are available. So it would not be any issue to you.

3. How do I Cancel the Long Tail Pro Plan?

Asking for a refund or canceling the long tail pro subscription is easy.

The tool comes with the app in chat support, simply ask them for canceling the subscription.

4. How to Ask for a Refund?

Asking for a refund is also as same as cancelling the long tail pro plan. Just raise a ticket or contact via the app in chat support.

5. How Many Computers Does Long Tail Pro Support?

Usually Long tail pro supports 3 computers. However, changing a computer can be a pain as you have to submit a ticket each time you decide to change the computer.

So these were some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the long tail pro.

Now go and grab the Long Tail Pro Discount. However, if you are still confused about whether you should purchase long tail pro or not, or you have any further questions.

Then do check out the FAQ page of Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro Discount


So that was all for the Long Tail Pro Discount article. We hope this article has solved your query. However, while purchasing their plan, it is advisable to use our link as it will surely help you to get a maximum discount. Anyway, for further questions or query, leave a comment below, and we will get back to you at the soonest.

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